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Dr Pamela McHenry

Dr Pamela McHenry is the Medical Director of the Belfast Skin Clinic and an award-winning Dermatologist.
Dr McHenry has extensive experience in all aspects of general dermatology. She has developed further ‘sub- speciality’ interests in paediatric dermatology, vulval skin disease, hair disorders, moles and skin cancer screening.
Dr McHenry provides skincare products for her patients that she has tried and tested herself. Because of this, Allskin was born. 'I believe everyone should be educated and guided by professionals when choosing their skincare'.

Pamela Ferguson

Pamela has 23 years of experienced in skin therapy. She has undertaken extensive training in London and Dublin. Pamela worked with a wide range of cosmeceutical skincare brands. She takes a holistic approach for optimum skin health. Specialising in sensitive and reactive skin, with a passion for all things skin.


We want to put a stop to drawers overflowing with unused products and half empty bottles, because a product didn’t work. That’s why we tried and tested many brands to distil them down to products that guarantee great results depending on skin type, age and budget. We have done all the shopping around so you don’t have to.

Our packing is super sustainable. In fact it’s made from 100% recycled fibres and can be fully recycled. Our logo printed onto the packing is also eco friendly, made from vegetable and water based inks.